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suggestive & IT


The aim of our unique debt collection process, with respect to the best practices in the industry, is establishing either oral or written contact with the debtor leading to genuine two-way communication.

After progressing from the initial, almost ritual small talk, such as “We have already sent the cheque last week”, or a series of typical and predictable promises aimed only to buy some extra time, we are able to initiate serious negotiations focused on establishing clear commitments to debt resolution. We are fully committed to ensuring the agreed-upon payments materialize.


Our internally developed software platform has proven to provide a considerable added value to the debt collection procedure we employ. Its advantage rests on combining the latest technological achievements with our unique, specific approach to the debt collection industry.

Our unique implementation of IT into our ‘trade’ seeks to eliminate human error as much as possible through a number of standardized procedures. This implementation allows us to expand and enhance the effectiveness of human resources beyond what has been previously attainable.

Appliances can’t substitute human interactions.