The Concept

no win – no fee


Outstanding invoices are an integral part of any company’s assets. It’s a fairly reasonable expectation that shareholders will correlate their investments in other aspects of the company’s equity to how the corporation deals with outstanding debts that are owed the corporation.

It is rarely an easy task to launch a new business project, such as an in-house debt collection department. Our proposal to take on the handling of your outstanding invoices on a no collection – no fee basis gives you a cost-effective business strategy to initiate a real debt-collection “mill”. This method costs you only when it's successful.

Our confidence in taking on the related risk (of which we are fully aware) rests on understanding the value of our “mill” method.

Rest assured that when we handle your debts we regard your satisfaction as a prevailing indicator of our conduct – either by maintaining goodwill between your client and yourself, or by fully collecting the balances owed to you.